The Process
After deciding that your vehicle needs paint protection the next choice will be determining what needs to be protected. Premier Paint Protection can help analyze how the vehicle will be used and offer our expertise in deciding what protection would be right for you.

Premier Paint Protection has the tools and capabilities to cover as little as 10% of your vehicles painted surfaces all the way up to complete vehicle wraps totaling about 98% of the vehicles painted surfaces.

Premier Paint Protection can apply protective film to many types of vehicles including Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and ATVs. For a complete list see the vehicles page.

All we need to know to start the process is the year, make and model of your vehicle and we can then make custom cut patterns for the type of protection you would like.

Prior to dropping your car off we ask that your car be washed. Prior to installing the film, a special pretreatment is applied to your car to ensure perfect application.

At Premier Paint Protection all film is custom fit to each application with the use of pre-engineered patterns. This ensures that you get a perfect fit each time and there is never a chance to cut the paint with a razor. Some installers feel that they can save money by using bulk film and then trimming that film on your paint with razors. It only takes the slightest extra pressure on the razor to cut the paint and ruin the paint that you are trying to protect. You may not even know that the paint is cut until many years down the road when the film is removed leaving the outline of cut marks in your paint.

We at Premier Paint Protection have been professionally trained and certified to install the film to your vehicle to ensure that its paint is protected for years to come.